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i like the turtles in time music

that game was da bomb and this game is da bomb. good job man. very easy to follow and horribly addicting, keep em comin man.

Sick and twisted man!

If you are under 18 don't play the game. If you are under 10 and still played the game, your a lonely bastard.

It's good but considering its beta...

i found a few glitches, like when u put furniture in your house, if there is something in a square and u try to put something else in it, you loose the item you tried to put into it. And when u tried to work at furniture shop i only made 20 bucks out of the 150 advertised. anyways its a good game.

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It's a good concept but it was really giltchy

Some of the glitches i had were:

1) If i ran into a car even when it wasn't moving i would loose health

2) I did something with the fire button that made me shoot with a machine gun with my bare hands (no clue how)

just stuff like that, but you do got a good concept going. keep trying.

I have never seen such a good flash game, ever!

This simply put is the best flash game ever made, a near perfect emulation of sonic. Bravo! Keep up the good work! If you have not played it yet, play it now!

wasn't too impressed

The game script was something i could have done in maybe 2 mins but the concept was good and delivery was good, but i wasn't too impressed considering that there are NPC's in pacman.

binaryflow responds:

2mins eh?
maybe using basic hittest's and other graphic cheese.. but this is all math..

oh, and i see no examples of your scripting ability, just some animated sprites..

Glued to the seat!

This games is going to be big for a long time! It is amazing! Hours on end you or I could play with it! heres my code:

--------3---3---6-9-10113---4-4-2-2-6610113--3---5--------- 6-8888888---9---------------------------------3-0-3-4-0---4- 4---4---c--5-5-5-5---------8---8-----c-------------a--a-9-4- 0--2-2-2-8-0---3-5-5-0-3-3-------a--a---a---7676a---8-0---8- 8-a-------------

Consider Revisiding before submission

The controls were extremely sketchy but you do got a good concept coming along. If you don't believe it will do well don't submit it to newgrounds UNLESS you need constructive critisism. If you do say it in your authors comment and the users will usually do what they need to do (assuming they read your comment)

It doesn't need to be on NG

If you want to do a game or something similar where you can listen to sounds (and perferably download them) just do a website with them. I don't see why this should be on N.G. Good try though.

controls i found a bit sketchy

it was going doing good but the controls i found a bit sketchy and i found the background a bit borng. Don't get me wrong, most flash artist can't do this but you got your point through.

canadian eh...

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