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Good use of texture

The texture looked like the stuff from like microsoft word, but it worked good in the movie. the only problem was it was sticks. other than that keep up the good work.

StealthBeast responds:

why does everyone hate sticks? Sticks are so much hareder to animate then regular sometimes geez!

It was ok, but considering submit date....

As i review this i probably wouldn't have given it this low of a mark as if maybe i were to see it from the year 2000. it isn't quite as amusing as most stuff today but it was semi entertaining and was pretty funny for short attentioned minded people such as myself. It could be beter now considering what new tools are availible on the later versions of flash.

gotta love metallica

the movie is great and the metallica is just an added bonus, but their new album wasn't as great as their old ones sadly with only 2 good songs (frantic and st anger) :(

Pedricosanchez responds:

Thanks for the praise but please be more constructive in your review thanks.

Could not stop laughing!

The madness movies are all great quality violent flash films the whole family can enjoy. Keep up the good work Krinkels!

Trapt Rocks dude

The movie was a bit short but the delivery on it was amazing! I think it would be funny if you did one for smile empty soul or 3 days grace, considering they both toured with trapt for a bit.

i would probably be the dumbass

I haven't played CS for so long i would probably be the exact same as the dumbass in the movie. Then also because of all the hackers on it now :P great movie keep them coming!

Rather Quite Amusing

The movie was fun to watch and it was funny to see the 10 6 point technique that the stickman used to climb up the complex. great job.

its got good potential

it needs audio and a bit more done but if you keep going on it it could very well be one of the beter movies on newgrounds.

could use room for improvement

the preloader was broken but it was satisfying stick man graphics, fast frame rates make it look really cool!

pretty good man for a first actual movie

There were a few problems with the sprites and it was a bit lengthy filesize but it was pretty damn good. let me know if your doin another movie man. peace

canadian eh...

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