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Good use of texture

The texture looked like the stuff from like microsoft word, but it worked good in the movie. the only problem was it was sticks. other than that keep up the good work.

StealthBeast responds:

why does everyone hate sticks? Sticks are so much hareder to animate then regular sometimes geez!

It was ok, but considering submit date....

As i review this i probably wouldn't have given it this low of a mark as if maybe i were to see it from the year 2000. it isn't quite as amusing as most stuff today but it was semi entertaining and was pretty funny for short attentioned minded people such as myself. It could be beter now considering what new tools are availible on the later versions of flash.

gotta love metallica

the movie is great and the metallica is just an added bonus, but their new album wasn't as great as their old ones sadly with only 2 good songs (frantic and st anger) :(

Pedricosanchez responds:

Thanks for the praise but please be more constructive in your review thanks.

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i like the turtles in time music

that game was da bomb and this game is da bomb. good job man. very easy to follow and horribly addicting, keep em comin man.

Sick and twisted man!

If you are under 18 don't play the game. If you are under 10 and still played the game, your a lonely bastard.

It's good but considering its beta...

i found a few glitches, like when u put furniture in your house, if there is something in a square and u try to put something else in it, you loose the item you tried to put into it. And when u tried to work at furniture shop i only made 20 bucks out of the 150 advertised. anyways its a good game.

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